Not (Exactly) an Altar, Not (Exactly) in LA

Salvation Mountain just outside of Niland, CA, is someplace I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. Leonard Knight was born in 1931 in Vermont, and dreamed of visiting California from childhood. In 1984, he settled in Niland and began to work on Salvation Mountain. The mountain in these photos is Leonard’s second mountain - his first was built from cement and sand, and collapsed. 

Knight’s primary construction materials are adobe and paint, and the next-door museum is made from hay bales, utility poles, and salvaged wood, among other things. Two small structures are adjoined to the mountain, between the mountain and the museum. These are modeled after Native American hogans. 

Leonard Knight is 81 years old and has been experiencing health problems for the last year, which have prohibited him from actively maintaining Salvation Mountain. The non-profit Salvation Mountain, Inc. has been set up to raise funds and volunteer-power to keep the mountain vibrant.