Fake Out?

Riding the bus from Little Armenia to Echo Park, I glimpsed a telephone pole sprouting flowers in varying stages of decay.  Returning later to examine what I thought was an impromptu memorial (not uncommon in Los Angeles) I found the flowers to be lashed to the pole with teal and purple yarn.  There were no photos, notes, or memorabilia attached, and so I began to ask passersby if they knew what the flowers were for, or rather, “Did something happen here?”  The flower pole was outside of the Ronin Gallery, and one woman who worked a few shops down suggested that it was probably the galleristas who were responsible.  A man who came outside a neighboring business, apparently a soap manufacturer, confirmed that the gallery was responsible for the yarn and the soap shop added the flowers.  Though “tricked” by the inspired decorations of artists and soapmakers, I still figure the fake-out should be included  in my efforts to document altars and altar-like memorials in the city.