Money Heals When We Ain't Got Any

This altar is a "working", in-home altar generously shared by Hayley, self-identified "history major and baby-witch." Hayley says she's indifferent to whether the magic is "real" or not, "whether the red candle actually brings power and the green actually brings money, or if they're just symbols of a concept I want to invite more of into my life. There is something comforting in the ancient-ness of the practice, connecting me with history...Also I like a good arts and crafts project." She explains many of the altar's elements, and her descriptions follow here.

On the left are two incense stations, right now burning a palo santo stick for clearing and dragon's blood incense used as a "booster" for the green candle in the center. The green candle is carved to appeal for "a gig, if not a job" for a boost of money this month. She burns this candle on Sunday, "success day", but notes that this type of candle would also do well on a Friday.

In the front of the altar is a hunk of tourmaline, for "protection both from outside forces and from myself if there is anything in the working that might not be in my best interest." There is a small piece of green calcite as well, also acting as a "booster" for the green candle. She explains, "Green is mostly a healing rock, but also green for money - money heals when we ain't got any."

The bottle is a "traditional DIY witch bottle" that has its origins in the 16th century, and is used for protection and deflating negativity. It doesn't cause harm, but is meant to mirror negative intent back on the ill-wisher.

The orange is "a month gratitude working." Everyday, she puts in a clove and states "I'm grateful for everything I have and I'm ready to move forward."

The red candle is a "dragon" candle. This candle is again another booster "to give the money candle more power." Hayley explains, "The idea is I'll get out what I put in, so I put a lot of 'power' into this altar."