I am from Lysol and pillows/Yamilet Mendez Altar + Poem

Yesterday in near-to-full single-housewife mode at Silverlake Trader Joe's, picking up supplies for Easter party extravagances - oranges, orange juice, flowers - new community exhibition Where I'm From caught my eye. Organized by the Zimmer Children's Museum youTHink program, the pairs of images and writing from local students were the results of a photography workshop led by award-winning photojournalist and South Central native Sophia Nahli Allison. Students were asked first to write poetry on the topic of "Where I'm From" and to then use their poetic imagination to capture and create images. 

Yamilet Mendez is a 9th grader at Diego Rivera Learning Complex in South Central. Her image appears to be of an in-home altar, though further clarification would be needed to know for certain. Here is the accompanying poem: 

Where I'm From

I am from Lysol and pillows,

from habits abide.

I am from the comforts of home

where I can be who I want to be.

I am from the roses, delicate

but a thorny side when provoked.

I am from pinatas and festivity, 

from laughing and dancing about, 

from clouds in the sky above

and memories that never fade away.