Frogtown Bike Path

Yesterday was a two-altar day. Lauren and I took our second Summer of Wheels jaunt down the LA River bike path, stopping at Spoke Bicycle Cafe for the first time - the co-owner was sweeping out in preparation for a by-donation yoga class, there was an impromptu concert, and she let me use the bathroom with my rollerblades on! 

We made it down to where Riverside becomes Figueroa, where the path starts to get choppy. After water and snacks, we turned around to head back before dark. I blew by this memorial altar, but Lauren saw it and screamed, "Altar!"  I haven't learned to turn or stop gracefully, so had to glide to a safe stop before I could turn around.

The altar is to "Wacko", made with two cement blocks and accompanied by an orange traffic cone written on in thick gold marker. With the four candles and vase of flowers (a single gladiolus pluming out above the rest) is a small wooden cube with the image of an anatomical heart printed and pasted on two or three of the cube's sides.