Retail Altar

I am used to seeing altars in small businesses, particularly tucked away in tucked-away restaurants and nail salons. I am much less accustomed to seeing them in retail establishments. Kicking around in Malibu yesterday, this one caught me off guard. It flanked the entrance of CANVAS, an upscale shop at the Malibu Country Mart which describes itself as a boutique and gallery that is "a concept founded on an appreciation of contemporary art and design", which at least in part means Obama as Warholian Elvis (see below). The shopgirl was gracious and let me take a few pictures even though it was clear I wasn't going to buy anything. I'm tickled by how seamlessly the desert boots meld with the altar, and presumably they're the only item for sale - but I didn't check.

Materials: Big white porcelain laughing Buddha statue, tree stump, rock with lasercut "Om", unidentified crystal/stone, candle with text "DREAM - BELIEVE - CREATE", fresh flowers in vase, [desert boots]