Prayer With Standing Rock

On Sunday, December 4, over 200 community members gathered at Main Street Landing Union Station in Burlington for an event of information about, and prayer with, the water protectors at Standing Rock. Organizers, speakers and spiritual leaders included Charlie Megeso, Rosemary Gladstar, Katrina Coravos, Guido Mase, Pam Montgomery, Fearn Lickfield, Zoe Lemos, Amy Goodman Kiefer and Senayit.

During the speaking portion of the event, an altar sat towards the back of the room, lakeside, with a bowl of water at its center and arrangements and offerings surrounding it. It was moved to the center of the room for the prayer circle, which was led by Fearn Lickfield of the Green Mountain Druid Order. Community members added water from their own homes to the bowl, which was taken outside and deposited into Lake Champlain in a procession led by Charlie Megeso, Katrina Coravos and Lickfield. 

Due to phone trouble, this is the only surviving of the photos I took which is a goddamned shame because it was beautiful.