So Nice

Seven Days editor and co-founder Pamela Polston sent these photos of public shrines spotted during her flanerie in France.  From left to right: 1) a Mother Theresa niche (creneau? lieu saint? autel?) in Nice 2) little fellow in the "medieval village-turned-mall Saint Paul de Vence" 3) Virgin Mary in unknown location. And 4) in L'Hotel de l'Amphitheatre in Arles, of which she says, "Not exactly a shrine but it might as well be. And that must be the saint of breakfast."

Dispatch from Chaponost

The one and only Nora Parren sent me these images from her travels in the French countryside. She spotted this little niche in Chaponost, an old Roman town with "aqueducts and shit", as well as horses and cows.  She included the "non-altar view" as well.