Apocalypse Waystation for Talispeople (A Photobooth) took place at the Feverish World Symposium in October 20-22, 2018.


Combining public practice, artist-constructed headgear, and capital-driven forms of vernacular photography, Apocalypse Waystation for Talispeople invites guests to personally reflect on concepts of apocalypse, mourning, protection, and play. In the tradition of carnival attractions, theme parks, and LA film premieres, the tent space will be converted into a photobooth where participants will have the opportunity to try on a variety of “apocalypse veils” and pose in the artist-created set for an instant portrait to take home. 

Created from salvaged materials and commercial detritus, apocalypse veils crash together the origins of the word “apocalypse” — from the Greek apokalypsis, meaning an uncovering or a lifting of the veil — with a multivalent and historically gendered garment.

As wearable, ritualistic talismxns, apocalypse veils implicate a variety of open-ended questions: when is the right time to wear one’s apocalypse veil? How will you know? Who else might be wearing one? Is your apocalypse veil a symbolic shield against danger, a marker of grief, a battle helmet? What materials should we glean today to make tomorrow’s masks?

Inspired in part by the podcast “How to Survive the End of World,” co-produced by Emergent Strategy author Adrienne Marie Brown, AWfT seeks to promote healthy, and even joyful, consideration of vastly different planetary and social futures by creating an accessible environment that combines serious existential questions with the “frivolous” trappings of souvenir and selfie culture.