Necessary Habits is a craft-driven floating activity space that connects people to different mediums and concepts. As a group process, we place a particular emphasis on the transformation of objects and materials through thrifting, scavenging, recycling and feminist acts of reclamation. Led by Grace Kredell and Rachel in Los Angeles summer and fall of 2014.


Objects of Desire, Fall 2014, Craft and Folk Art Museum

What one thing would make your life better? Come think on this question and join CAFAM + craft collective Necessary Habits to help artist Jonas N.T. Becker realize CAFAM's January first floor window installation, The Pile. We will be meeting up during four drop-in workshops to sew "objects of desire" from red felt, guided by Jonas, and these pieces will be an integral part of the finished work. We'd like to sew as many talismans as we can, so bring a list of your friends and family's desires if you're able.

Read more about Jonas's work here.

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A Gal Palace for Gal Palace, 16 November 2014, Gal Palace

After reading a contemporary's misogynistic writing, medieval author Christine de Pizan had a vision where three virtues - Reason, Rectitude and Justice - appeared and presented her with a different narrative, one which valued women’s participation and creativity in matters of public life. For this experimental workshop, we will be asking attendees to construct a physical manifestation of “Gal Palace” and its community - to collectively envision “utopia” in miniature. Drawing on our own experiences of doll/doll-house play, we will be considering this play practice in a new light, as together we fashion a localized representation of Pizan’s vision of a “City of Ladies”.

WHAT TO BRING: materials for building structure, dolls and furniture - cardboard, popsicle sticks, fabric scraps, tiny things, old jewelry, and magazines are all great ingredients.

*Excerpt from The Book of the City of Ladies.

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Special Activity at Feminist Cinema ClubAll Hallow’s Eve-Eve Witch-In, 30 October 2014, Gal Palace

(Sabrina, Teen Witch, The Craft)

Bring your best witch gear and be prepared to engage in a special paper-based craft activity. Perhaps we’ll cackle at the moon when the clock strikes midnight, or whatever young witches do nowadays.


Dollmaking, 21 August 2014, Echo Chamber

Join Necessary Habits and the Women's Center for Creative Work at the Echo Chamber Creative Headquarters for:

...A doll-making session based on a Russian fairytale from the book Women Who Run With the Wolves. In the fairytale, a young girl named Vasalisa is forced to confront the witch Baba Yaga in order to get fire for her home, and the doll given to her by her mother, which symbolizes women’s intuition, helps her through the ordeal. All attendees will make their own intuition doll and be given a printed copy of the tale to take home.

*Necessary Habits Worksheet #1

*LA Weekly blurb